Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013)

THE TALE OF PRINCESS KAGUYA (KAGUYA-HIME NO MONOGATARI, かぐや姫の物語) is based on the oldest Japanese fiction called 'Taketori Monogatari (Spoilers)' written in late 9th century. The author is unknown and the original text didn't survive. Set in the peaceful era of the Fujiwara regency, the story revolves around a 'princess', who was found inside a bamboo tree, when she was a baby. Raised by the old childless couple, she grew up to be the most beautiful lady on earth. So begins the story. Almost all Japanese know the story by heart, at least the beginning and the ending. But I wouldn't go further, for I presume many of my readers are not familiar with this old Japanese tale of wonder, and I don't want to spoil your excitement when you see it.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why I Hate 110th Anniversary of Yasujiro Ozu

This is 110th anniversary of Yasujiro Ozu. Not so many artists receive recognition at the centenary of their birth, even less do at the 110th. But it is good to know that there will be a new generation of audience who will discover his works for the first time in this occasion. During the past months, I saw many books published, magazines running special issues, his prints newly restored, theaters holding Ozu festivals, and Blurays released. But somehow, my interests have faded away. Maybe it is a temporary thing, but I am fed up with this hype. Then I started to hate this anniversary thing after reading some pathetic articles. Sort of.
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