Sunday, February 10, 2013

Evangelion after Fukushima (Part 5)

Kaiten, human torpedoes, on the submarine

This is final installment of the series. Part 123 and 4.

They told me I was going to be in one of the Ultimate Secret Weapon. I didn't know what it was. I was excited. Then I found out it was the Human Torpedo.

- A Japanese Imperial Navy ex-trainee, who stationed in the secret Navy base near Hiroshima during the last days of the Pacific War.

The image of Shinji (and Asuka or Rei) in Eva may bear little resemblance to it, but it is the image of a suicide weapon nonetheless - Kamikaze fighters, Human torpedoes and other atrocious machinery of perverted ideas. You and your weapon are the one and the same. You pilot your weapon and you are not allowed to abandon it whatever happens to you. This weapon-pilot relationship amplifies the sense of density, despair, and above all, deadly sense of intoxication.
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