Sunday, December 16, 2012

Evangelion after Fukushima (Part 2)

"Mega-Ray Tank"

This is Part 2 of the series. Part 1 is here.

As we learned about the true extent of Fukushima accident and nuclear fallout, our feeling toward the government, the energy industries and the media shifted from distress to distrust, then to disgust. Many people, from independent journalists to political activists, from artists to housewives, used the term “the Great HQ Announcement” to describe this failure of major media to deliver vital information and critical view of the Fukushima incident.

Friday, December 14, 2012

San Francisco, December 9, 1941

via Shorpy

This is the photograph of Cafe Ginza at Buchanan Street in San Francisco on December 9 1941. 
(The photograph is found at Shorpy, the ever-inspiring photograph archive site.)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bluebird Photoplays Ad

One of the reader of this site, Beth, gave me this tip for the full-page ad for Bluebird Photoplays in Internet Archive

I like the use of minimum set of colors, abstract background and quiet, yet evocative typeface. As I discussed before, Bluebird Photoplays had a tremendous effect on early Japanese film-making.

The accompanying text on the next page is interesting as well. ".. BLUEBIRD Photoplays (Inc.) was the first producer to buck the star system - the ruinous practice that has been responsible for the high-priced but low-grade features that have wrecked many an Exhibitor." If this is true (it seems to be), this lack of movie stars, focus on drama, might have appealed to the pioneers of Japanese cinema searching for their vision.

Thanks, Beth.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Evangelion after Fukushima (Part 1)

"At noon today, the state of emergency was declared for all the area of Tokai, Kanto and Chubu areas. We will report the detail information as soon as it is available." From NEON GENESIS EVANGELION

"Right now, we are at the crossroad - until recently, Japanese public believed almost anything mass media said. However, they begin to distrust media, which failed to report the extent of nuclear fallout, didn’t disclose the SPEEDI data, and did nothing on food safety issues. There is a large gap between Japanese public and Mega-media. “Mega-media is not with us” - that’s how most of the public feel today. 3.11 started all. I have never seen the distrust of this magnitude before."

- Martin Fackler, the Tokyo bureau chief for the New York Times

It was a rather slow tremor.

I was idly chatting with one of my colleagues in the spacious office on the 5th floor, when we felt this slow tremor started.
“Another one”, he said.
“Whenever you show up at my desk, there is an earthquake. You are a bad omen.” he grunted. It’s true. A couple of weeks before, when we had been talking about the side-project at his desk, a fairly large earthquake hit.
 But this one was different.
It was a slow swinging, at low frequency, deep but steadily increasing in its amplitude. It didn’t stop.
“No, this isn’t funny.” He ducked under the desk. So did I.
The whole floor, windows, ceiling, walls, cabinets, everything was making strange noise I had never heard before. Vibration was gaining momentum every second.

It was around 14:50, March 11, 2011.
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